About Us

Owner, Shane Christ began making wine at the age of 22 at Indiana’s 20th winery back in 2002. Indiana is now home to over 120 wineries. While working at Satek Winery in Fremont, Indiana for over 20 years, Shane established himself as a new pillar of the Midwest wine industry, mentoring many up-and-coming winemakers and grape growers as well. He continues to serve the Indiana wine industry and northeast Indiana through community service, volunteer work, and tourism.

After a very rewarding career at Satek Winery, including winemaking coursework in South America and New Zealand, Shane decided to do his own thing and purchased Hartland Winery in the summer of 2022. After a year of careful consideration and ‘learning the ropes’ at this new venture, Shane decided to launch a new brand, with a new vision, which is now: Acres Away Winery.

Acres Away Winery, located near the “Smiley Face”, in Ashley, Indiana is a place for the thoughtful and the curious. Our team works extremely hard to provide a destination where one can escape the bright lights and loud sounds of the city to have a little wine, a little food, and most importantly… a wonderful experience.

With a combined 30 years of Indiana winemaking experience, our winemaking team crafts unique, locally grown wines that span a broad spectrum of style and taste.